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Summer 2017 TA

Name Available Hours Email ID Office Phone Number Skype
Lawrence Adegbule 4058372663 My status
Cody Barnes By Appointment LSW 403 My status
Sarah Bounds By appointment LSW 434 My status
Bobby Bowser 430BB My status
Caitlin Cobbs Please email for appointment N/A My status
Graham Davis My status
Elizabeth Dawkins My status
Sarah Hileman By Appointment 514B My status
Jorge Lightfoot By Appointment LSE 422 My status
Elizabeth Mendoza 509B 9092621774 My status
Nicole Parker By Appointment LSE 017 My status
Danielle Perryman LSW 115 My status
Jie Ren By appointment 230R HBRC My status
Tyler Ryan LSW 430 My status
Mylissa Stover Email for Appointment PBEE My status
Alex Webb LSW 509B My status

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